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Wire Mesh Welding Machines

Wire Mesh Welding Machines Backward

Wire Mesh Welding Machines Wire Mesh Welding Machines Wire Mesh Welding Machines Wire Mesh Welding Machines

Technicial Specifications

  • Model HK-2400
  • Works With Raw Metarial Pre - Cut Bar
  • Type of Wire for and Product Cold Drawn Ribbed & Smooth
  • Production Capacity (mm) Min. & Max. Ø5-8
  • Machine Speed Min. &Max. 50-70 Stroke / min.
  • Rated Power 7,5Kw + 3 Kw + 5Kw
  • Transformers - KVA 120 KVA
  • Transformers Units 8 Unit
  • Total Transformers Units 8 x 120 KVA - 960 KVA
  • Wire Mesh Width 2400 mm (abjustable)
  • Wire Mesh Lenght 600 mm (abjustable)
  • Distance Between Cross Wires 100 mm (min)- 250mm (abjustable)
  • Distance Between Longitudinal Wires 100 mm (min) -250 mm (adjustable)
  • Driving Speed Servo Motor 7,5 Kw
  • Cross Wire Servo Motor 3Kw
  • Thyristor Contactors 8 Thyristor Contactors
  • Welding Control Card 8 Digital Welding Control
  • Gear Box Units Industrial type gearbox by EMPO
  • Welding Pistons 8 Pneumatic welding presses
  • Compressor Needed 300lt/min
  • Working Pressure (Bar) 6-8 Bar
  • Voltage 380V-50Hz-3Fhaze
  • Operator Panel Type 12
  • Wire Feeding For Cross Wire Cross rods feeding automaticaly by the machine
  • Wire Feeding For Longitidunal Wire Longitidunal rods feeding manually by the workers
  • Cooling Arrangement The System will be colled 17-20 C in 1 bar and 90lt/min water flow rate
  • Details Whole system is under PLC controller, main driving motor and cross wire throwing motors are adjus table with servo drivers. All process is under PLC control. In welding process the current time and current can be changed.

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